Elisa Liu is an artist, who works primarily with inks and acrylic paints.  One of Singapore's emerging artistic talents, she brings an exciting, new perspective into the art world through her vibrant expressive-style works. 

Influenced by the Expressionist painters of Europe and her own South-East Asian upbringing, Elisa fuses both Eastern and Western elements into her art. Through bold colours and textures, she aims to create works that evoke emotions and feelings in people.

"What do you see in my art? What do you feel?"

Refreshingly thoughtful and intuitive, her artistic vision is recognised by fans and collectors locally and overseas. Elisa has shown her works and done live-paintings in Beijing, Taipei and Singapore, and has been invited to conduct artist talks and workshops in these cities. She has also been featured on Saatchi Art, Baxter's Art and China Radio International.

Besides creating original artworks, Elisa is also an active contributor to the local and regional arts and community outreach sector - working with schools, non-profit organisations and taking part in various community events. She believes that art is an effective way of bringing people together and enjoys using art to add joy and colours to people’s lives. You can see highlights of her community involvement on her blog.

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About the Works

Hi there! Welcome to my world of colours, textures, emotions and energy.

My works center around the themes of life and love, and are aimed at inviting people to reflect on what they hold close to their hearts.

Using bold colours and dynamic gestures, I hope to convey a sense of energy and invigoration to my audience and collectors.

In my latest series - Orient, I combine the classical style of Chinese Landscape paintings (山水画) with the vibrant colours and textures of Western Expressionism to create landscapes with a modern expressive twist. The painted mountains in this series symbolise life as a journey, and explores the feelings of peace, adventure and homeliness.

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