Twilight Glow (16" x 20")

Twilight Glow (16" x 20")


Original Heavy-Texture Expressive Landscape. Only 1 available.

Made with high quality acrylic paints & inks on 300gsm cold-pressed acid-free paper. Price in USD. Ships unframed.

50 cm (H) x 40 cm (W), 20 in (H) x 16 in (W) 


Light and dreamy. A change of mood from the usual dark blues. ‘Twilight Glow’ captures a sense of airiness and the changing colours of twilight.

Part of the ‘Orient’ series, this painting combines the vibrant colours and textures of Western Expressionism with the classical style of 山水画 (Chinese Landscape paintings). The sweeping mountainscapes in this series symbolise life as a journey, and explores the feelings of peace, adventure and homeliness. Each painting has its own unique story and meaning, and reflects the things we hold closest to our hearts.

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