Upcoming Exhibition: 'Landscape of Our Minds', 22 Sep to 8 Aug 2018, Singapore

Upcoming Exhibition: 'Landscape of Our Minds', 22 Sep to 8 Aug 2018, Singapore

Bryant and I are taking our art, music and performance to a whole new level. We did a showcase in Beijing, now we're bringing it back to Singapore.

Here’s a trailer video of us talking about our collaboration:

Official write-up and more details below:


Landscapes of Our Minds

Art Exhibition by Elisa Liu in Collaboration with Musician Bryant Koh

22nd September 2018 to 7th October 2018


Life, love, adventure and homeliness. In this exhibition, artist Elisa Liu has worked together with musician Bryant Koh to take you on a journey to find the light within. This event kicks off with an artist talk and a live-painting, live-music performance (22 Sep), followed by artist tours (29 & 30 Sep), and closes with a meet-the-artists session (7 Oct).


Presenting works from her Orient series and her Spark series, Elisa invites you to contemplate about life – its transience, its beauty and the journey in between. Through the use of vibrant colours and textures, she hopes that her emotionally-charged paintings can serve as reminders and celebrations of our fleeting time here, and that we may collectively reflect on what we hold closest to our hearts.

Exhibition Opening

22nd Sep 2018, Saturday, 4pm - 6pm

Artist Talk: “Choosing a Creative Path in Singapore”

Combined Live-Painting, Live-Music Performance

For the exhibition opening, the duo will be sharing the ups and downs of choosing a creative path in Singapore. They will then come together for a live-painting / live-music performance to show the audience how art and music can inspire one another.

In addition to the live-painting / live-music segment, Bryant will be presenting a trilogy of original works from his album: Cosmic Odyssey.

Artist Tour

29th Sep 2018, Saturday, 3 pm - 4 pm

30th Sep 2018, Sunday, 3 pm - 4 pm

Join artist Elisa Liu as she takes you on a tour around the ‘Landscapes of Our Minds’ exhibition. She will be sharing with you the thoughts and inspiration behind her artworks, as well as insights on the painting and finishing process. After the tour, she will share how you can find your creative voice and create unique works of your own.

Exhibition Closing

7th Oct 2018, Sunday, 3 pm to 5pm

Meet the Artists Session

To wrap up this event, Musician Bryant Koh and Artist Elisa Liu will be appearing for an intimate meet the artists session. View the paintings, hang out on the sofas, chat with them about their inspiration and artistic process. You can even challenge them to a round of Mario Kart!


Tickets for all events available here: https://landscapes-of-our-minds.eventbrite.com

About the Artists

Elisa Liu is an expressive-style artist, who works primarily in inks and acrylic paints. Using bold colours and heavy textures, she aims to evoke emotions and feelings in people through her art. In this exhibition, she reflects on life and love through her expressive landscape paintings and welcomes you to wander through her painted worlds. What do you see? And what do you feel?

Bryant Koh is a full-time musician based in Singapore, specializing in the union of piano and beatboxing (vocal percussion). Improvising upon original themes inspired by his life and travels, his music takes you on an auditory adventure, with every performance never being quite the same.


To find out more about:

Elisa Liu: https://www.elisaliuart.com | Instagram, Facebook: @elisaliuart

Bryant Koh: https://www.multivocalpianist.com | Instagram, Facebook: @multivocalpianist

I’m super excited! See you there!

Exhibition Opening: 'Landscapes of Our Minds, 22nd Sep 2018

Exhibition Opening: 'Landscapes of Our Minds, 22nd Sep 2018

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