Workshop: Botanical Expressionism

Workshop: Botanical Expressionism

In April, I was invited by Jiak Zua Tea Cafe to conduct their first-ever pop-up art workshop.

On May 9th, it happened! The workshop was a cozy mid-week chill session.

I taught how to use colours expressively and emotionally, and guided the participants into creating their very own botanical masterpiece! Within 2 hours, they went from never using acrylic paints, to finishing a unique art piece! I'm super duper proud of them!


Good job everyone! You guys made the session so fun & full of laughs! 

We went through a little bit of art history, some colour theory and then made paintings in our own unique styles. It's so much to take in within 2 hours, but they were champions blazing away. I'm so impressed!

Really super happy I got to share my love for colours & textures with everyone.


Here's what the participants have to say about the experience


"Elisa's class is very interesting and she shares her experience and knowledge with her students. Overall, a very fun and interesting class!" 

- Christina


"Elisa is friendly and her passion for art really shines through, especially in the way she speaks about it. X) "

- QY


"Therapeutic workshop. Learn new things. Very interesting"

- Anon.


"Making everything short and simple is something not all artist can do"

- Saif


Thank you Jiak Zua Tea Cafe (Anna, Victor and team) for inviting me to host this workshop! Tonight was a blast!


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